Month: February 2023

Does Your Facility Maintenance Service Provider Facilitates Teamwork?

Contributed by Mark Gilbreth Efficiency, Productivity, & Other Effects of Fostering Teamwork Teamwork is essentially the force behind the success of outsourced facilities maintenance operations. It ensures that the on-ground teams come together to achieve the same goals which leads to a multitude of benefits, including putting together their strengths to work efficiently, faster problem-solving, […]

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Stand-Alone Janitorial Vs. Integrated Facility Maintenance Services

Janitorial services are regular, small office cleaning tasks required to keep a clean workplace daily. While the scope of services may vary according to customer requirements, janitorial companies typically provide basic cleaning, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, restroom cleaning, and other similar services. While all of their day-to-day cleaning duties are significant for business facilities, janitorial companies […]

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Discernible Effects of Local Minimum-Wage Hikes

Contributed by Steve Weiand, SVP Client Relations   How Businesses Including Janitorial Services will absorb the Impact of Increased Wages The policy to increase minimum wage often receives both, praise and criticism for various reasons. The most understandable support for minimum wage hike comes from its positive impact on the welfare of low-income workers. On […]

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