Warehouses are kept clean and organized in order to facilitate the constant movement of materials on a day-to-day basis. Diversified Maintenance offers comprehensive facilities maintenance solutions that improve efficiency and also ensure the safety of customer employees. We work around customer schedules to meet the scope of work expectations ensuring operational efficiency.

Distribution Centers

We understand that well maintained distribution centers are more productive, safer, and more organized. That’s why it’s important to count on Diversified Maintenance to create a customized maintenance program that meets the need of your facility and solves the cleaning challenges you’ve faced in the past.

Our facilities maintenance program helps create an environment that allows you to move product out faster regardless of its nature. We know how to reduce the amount of dust and dirt particles in the atmosphere ensuring that equipment runs efficiently. Our managers understand time is money so that service-related issues and additional requests are handled quickly and effectively.

Logistics Facilities

Consistent cleaning is a crucial part of the overall well-being logistics facility. We understand that with constant movement of materials, equipment and people, dust will disperse throughout the interior environment. With our broad range of services, we enable customers to move products and materials faster, easier and more efficiently. Our customizable facilities maintenance services provide our customers with well-trained teams proficient in various facility maintenance practices and ensuring clean, safe and fully functional environments, helping them save on costs related to both labor and equipment maintenance.