Month: May 2022

Outsourced Services Improve Agility & Profitability for Industrial Manufacturers

Contributed by Cheryl Costello, National Sales Executive Outsourced services have proven to be an effective top strategy for a variety of businesses and sectors, including industrial manufacturing. Preferably, businesses outsource non-core work – activities that the company does not focus on, important but backend support operations that it does not specialize in. While every business […]

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Quality Assurance Practices Drive Operational Success

The Importance of Electronic Quality Management and Web-Based Tools for Janitorial Services Contributed by Garrett Goralski, Regional Sales Executive “Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company.” – Tony Hsieh (Venture Capitalist) Similar to businesses in any other industry, quality standards for janitorial service providers are critical to customer satisfaction […]

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Diversified Maintenance Attends Connex 2022

Diversified Maintenance attended the Connex 2022 trade show in Long Beach, CA. Thanks to everyone who dropped by our booth to visit with us, and we will be looking forward to seeing you next year!

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