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Outsourced Services Improve Agility & Profitability for Industrial Manufacturers

Contributed by Cheryl Costello, National Sales Executive

Outsourced services have proven to be an effective top strategy for a variety of businesses and sectors, including industrial manufacturing. Preferably, businesses outsource non-core work – activities that the company does not focus on, important but backend support operations that it does not specialize in. While every business has a vast range of non-core but essential functions, they tend to vary depending on many factors such as type and size of business, industry it belongs to, number of employees, among others. For industrial manufacturing, for instance, outsourcing decisions must take into account the scope of work, cost of self-operating backend functions, capacity and internal resources available, impact on profitability, and more.

When industrial manufacturers opt for outsourced facility maintenance services, they can leverage the expertise of professional service providers that understand the requirements well, have the capability to deliver desired results, and work with a customized approach with industry-specific protocols and safety measures. As a result, manufacturing companies benefit in the long run from cost savings, increased visibility of essential processes, and the ability to scale up facility maintenance programs without incurring new costs. Similarly, industrial manufactures are well aware of the challenges of hiring, training, and retaining an in-house crew for cleaning and maintenance mainly due to the limited size of applicant pool as well as the difficulty of accessing top-notch workers for their facility. As the cleaning and maintenance for such facilities is considered a labor-intensive responsibility, it is crucial to work with highly trained, skilled, and professional on-field workers. Alongside the benefits of hiring a professional facility maintenance service provider for a wide range of benefits, other skilled services that can be outsourced as part of a comprehensive tailored integrated facility maintenance program include:

  • Recycling services
  • Forklift drivers
  • Compacting
  • Confined spaces

Diversified Maintenance offers integrated services for industrial manufacturing customers that are designed to manage cleaning and maintenance requirements that are typically viewed as non-core to the objectives of the company. All duties performed by the on-ground team, however, necessitate particular competencies that are frequently beyond the skill set, expertise, or capabilities of in-house personnel. As a result, all industrial manufacturing businesses partnering with the Company are able to reserve their expertise for high value, revenue-generating, core operations while boosting both their operational agility and profitability in the long run. To learn more about the benefits of outsourcing facility maintenance services for a wide range of integrated, proactive solutions for industrial facilities, send me a note at: Cheryl Costello