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The Four Levels of Customer Satisfaction – Are You Satisfied with Your Outsourced Janitorial Services?

Consider a Janitorial Partner with High-Level Customer Service Standards

Contributed by Ed Turbeville, Regional Sales Executive

A strong customer base has a positive impact on the bottom line of any service providing company. Once a robust customer base is created, it serves as the foundation of gaining a greater market share in the industry. For instance, the janitorial service industry has a fiercely competitive environment for service providers. These businesses must prioritize customer satisfaction for existing customers because losing them as they acquire new ones can hinder their market share growth cycle. However, the success of janitorial service providers is directly linked to the level of customer satisfaction they deliver – customer happiness is an important indicator of how far their loyalty will extend.

While it is true that quality standards essentially propel the business forward, customer satisfaction levels are a testament to business success. When a janitorial service provider develops a business model that prioritizes customer satisfaction, it must set realistic and measurable goals to understand and meet customer expectations. Although the goals, strategies, and metrics can vary for different businesses and industries, the core levels of customer satisfaction remain consistent. These include:

Level 1: Unsatisfactory

Level 2: Meeting Customer Expectations

Level 3: Exceptional Customer Service

Level 4: Exceeding Customer Expectations

When selecting a service partner for all janitorial requirements of a facility, it is crucial to assess their level of commitment to customer satisfaction through their systems and processes that are designed to understand customer expectations from the predetermined scope of work. Some of the key measures that janitorial service providers must ensure during the transition phase for every new customer are:

  • Gaining a thorough understanding of the customer’s core business and practices
  • Understanding customer expectations through data, reports, survey, and actionable insights
  • Setting objectives that ensure prompt response, proactive problem resolution, and other key actions that impact service delivery, quality standards, and eventually customer satisfaction
  • Engaging with customers with transparent and easily accessible communications channels while regularly encouraging sharing of feedback and suggestions for improvement
  • Streamlining response and action on customer feedback, query, and complaint because proactive efforts are a core aspect of high-level customer service.

“There are no small moments, in some ways, because every single one of these moments is amplified right now. It’s all about setting expectations and then delivering on those smaller promises throughout the journey.” – Jeannie Walters (CEO/Founder of Experience Investigators™, a global Customer Experience consulting firm)

Diversified Maintenance works with the philosophy of satisfying and delighting customers, prioritizing long-term relationships with existing customers as well as boosting new customer acquisition through effective strategies. The dedicated Client Relations and Account Management teams believe in listening to the customers intently, acting upon their feedback, and implementing their suggestions in due course of time. To learn more about the benefits of a janitorial partner that has a good understanding of what the customers want and expect from their program, send me a note at: Ed Turbeville