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Facility Maintenance Services with Quality Assurance Ensure Operational Excellence for Financial Institutions

Contributed by Sheryl Perlstein, National Sales Executive

“Operational excellence enables an organization to do more with the same staff through better employee engagement and streamlined processes. It is not about cutting resources, but rather about figuring out together how we can better apply our resources,” – Sergei Brovkin, (Principal of Collectiver Inc., organizational performance consulting firm) 

All financial institutions strive for achieving operational excellence through a framework that focuses on success, growth, and competitive advantage. This framework necessitates the creation of efficient and effective processes to ensure that all employees carry out their required duties seamlessly while allowing opportunities for improvement when necessary. Although these processes primarily involve activities associated with the core operations of a financial institution, the backend support functions are also equally important in achieving and maintaining quality performance in all aspects.

In a rapidly evolving industry that is dominated by innovation and fast-changing customer expectations, quality and excellence are terms that carry weight. The modern expectations for customers of financial institutions go beyond the core operations – true quality standards must be maintained across all services, processes, and functions at the financial institution facility. As a result, the facility maintenance service providers for all types of financial institutions must deliver the scope of work in the most efficient manner, with prompt response and action for issues, and within customer budget.

The financial institutions create an impressive customer experience through a variety of steps that include non-core operations for ensuring a spotless work environment, attractive appearance, immaculate cleanliness, hygiene and safety measures to meet the ‘new normal’ requirements, and more. The outsourced service partners for facility maintenance are thus evaluated on the basis of their capacity to cater to multiple locations with consistent quality standards, experience in meeting the unique demands of the financial industry, and quality assurance program to track, record, and assess service delivery standards for continuous improvement.

Diversified Maintenance is dedicated to providing quality facility maintenance solutions designed specifically to meet the wide range of requirements for banks and financial institutions nationwide. The Company’s Account Managers are dedicated to the supervision of all on-ground employees while also addressing potential quality assurance expectations, and proactively responding to all customer concerns and feedback throughout the contract period. Similarly, the custom Quality Assurance Program is designed to align with each financial institution’s scope of work, requirements, and cleaning goals. As a CIMS-GB (with Hons.) certified service provider, the Company uses industry-specific metrics as well as web-based quality management practices. To learn more about the impact of a facility maintenance partner, with a well-designed Quality Assurance program, on the operational excellence of financial institutions, send me a note at: Sheryl Perlstein