Month: January 2020

Tampa Teams Conduct Safety Training

The teams in Tampa, FL recently conducted safety training. Thanks to everyone who participated! Stay safe!

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Why is a Proactive Approach to Safety Critical for your Facility?

Among the very basic obligations of every facility maintenance service provider is ensuring workplace safety. It is no secret that every crew member has a comprehensive list of daily responsibilities but this does not mean the value of safety can be overlooked on any given day. Service providers that operate with a customer-centric approach tend […]

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The Value of an Experienced and Qualified Cleaning Contractor is an Important Component to Your Customer Service Effort

By Richard J. Goldring, National Sales Executive   Whether you manage a retail store, hotel, restaurant, health club, medical office or repair shop, here are some important points to consider. While there are many reasons a customer will decide to return to your business (not to mention hopes of positive feedback through social media), is […]

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