Autonomous Cleaning Solutions


The Future of Facility Maintenance

Diversified’s state of the art autonomous sweeper, scrubber, and disinfecting robots can provide the highest quality cleaning fully autonomously – no operator required! These robots are the epitome of efficiency and effectiveness, and can be programmed to perform a full range of specialized tasks before returning to the docking station to re-charge. Ranging in sizes from XL to compact, the DMSai fleet can provide the perfect solution for any facility, large or small. Ideal to clean warehouses, factories, retail stores, commercial offices, banks and financial institutions, government and public buildings, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, airports, and more!

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Industry Update

Revolutionize Your Outsourced Facility Maintenance Program
with Diversified’s Autonomous Cleaning Program

Internal practices and operations for organizations must progress in response to the ever-evolving customer needs, industry dynamics, and the business environment. In recent times, we have seen a rise in popularity for autonomous cleaning practices to increase productivity and efficiency.

As business leaders in various industries are adapting their approach to consider long-term solutions for their workplace cleaning and maintenance requirements, autonomous technologies are quickly gaining traction. These methods involve using specialized equipment that is designed to work independently while completing rote cleaning tasks without any operator assistance… Read More

Service Capabilities

DMSai comprises a full range of state of the art autonomous technologies designed to meet the unique needs of different industries and facility types. Our wide range of autonomous robots provides the flexibility to develop customized cleaning programs based on many variables. Find out more about DMSai today, and let our autonomous technology launch your cleaning program into the future

Benefits of Partnership

Diversified Maintenance has developed a fleet of specialized autonomous cleaning robots specialized to handle a wide range of recurring cleaning tasks. DMSai autonomous cleaning technology can help you:

  • Produce consistent results, every time
  • Lower labor costs
  • Increase quality control
  • Eliminate human error
  • Automatically handle routine tasks
  • Keep facilities cleaner and people safer

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