Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

Your manufacturing facility is where the magic happens and an idea transforms into reality. Specializing in automotive and pharmaceutical related manufacturing plants, Diversified Maintenance brings a rich history of servicing substantial industrial facilities. We maintain tens of millions of square feet every day and consistently exceed performance standards while adhering to sophisticated regulations and challenging conditions.

Light Industry

For manufacturers considered light industry, we tailor our maintenance services to allow you increased efficiency of your operations. In our early years we served dozens of textile mills, paper plants and fiber producers. We work with multiple well-known light manufacturing conglomerate with locations throughout the U.S. We are not lightweights in the light manufacturing arena.


Heavy Industry

Companies operating in the automotive or pharmaceutical industries have some of the most challenging and complex cleaning and maintenance needs. At Diversified Maintenance, we understand heavy industry plants and their special requirements. Our experienced managers have a multitude of resources to ensure your employees are working in the safest conditions. Plus, we ensure that safety training is priority #1. Every day, every shift and every hour, we can assure you there are Diversified Maintenance employees maintaining heavy industrial plants.