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The Success of Professional Facilities Maintenance Companies across All Verticals

Different Industries, Different Needs, Same Quality Expectations

Contributed by Mark Gilbreth, Regional Sales Executive

A facilities maintenance company provides professional janitorial and maintenance services to businesses. These facilities can include retail stores, factories, corporate offices, warehouses and distribution centers, healthcare facilities, data centers, and many more. The services of a professional facilities maintenance company are important for any business site regardless of its size, industry, scale, operations, and so on – the health and safety of employees at all types of workplaces are equally important. Working with a facilities maintenance partner means that a business can assign the responsibility of cleaning, disinfecting, and maintaining its facility without having to worry about occupational safety, employee wellbeing, and regulatory compliance.

When selecting a facilities maintenance service provider to partner with, businesses evaluate numerous factors including the company’s year of experience, customer reviews, cost efficiency, services offered, and operational procedures. However, many customers tend to overlook the importance of working with a service provider that has the capacity, experience, and resources to cater to customers across a wide range of verticals.

The capabilities possessed by a service provider delivering solutions for multiple industries make it possible to provide high customer service standards, consistent service quality, and support every customer’s core operations. The complexity of managing a diverse customer base also means that the service provider has strong financial stability and strength to provide uninterrupted services across all verticals.

Another key capability for a facilities maintenance company working with customers in various industries is that of customizing the maintenance program and schedule for each business. The company’s comprehensive capabilities create a customized plan specific to each site’s requirements and scope of work; and a program tailored to meet individual customer needs ultimately results in quality performance standards, a clean and safe environment, and immeasurable client satisfaction.

Diversified Maintenance offers integrated solutions and customized plans to fit the objectives of each customer and meet the unique requirements of all industries. To learn more about the industry-specific tailored solutions, send me a note at: Mark Gilbreth