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Why Your Retail Store Needs Professional Service Provider for High Dusting

Contributed by Nancy Matura, National Sales Executive

The retail industry has a diverse, fast-paced, and highly competitive environment. Owing to the plethora of options available to customers, it is challenging to achieve customer retention and loyalty. Even the tiniest disappointment will lead a customer to turn to a competitor in no time. While the quality of the products and service offered create an important impact on customer satisfaction, they are not enough to drive long-term retail success. It is crucial for retail stores to create a lasting first impression, offer consistent service on every visit, and deliver a high-quality customer experience at every step.

Among several other important focus areas of the customer experience is the cleanliness of the retail store. The store’s environment must be clean, safe, and well-maintained at all times as it significantly influences repeat business for the store. Cleaning and maintenance, on the other hand, is often thought to be necessary only for areas within easy access and visibility, when in fact, high access cleaning and high dusting for ceilings are equally important for creating a visual appeal for retail stores.

Insufficient dusting for ceilings results in dirt and dust build-up that is unsafe and unpleasant to look at. Similar to the importance of working with a professional facilities maintenance company for other services, high dusting is best performed by trained professional who use the most suited tools, products, and equipment. The service provider ensures that the on-ground employees are equipped to safely reach spots that are difficult to reach due to their height, including ceilings, air vents, ducts, etc. Routine high dusting services for retail stores is an essential part of the overall integrated facilities maintenance program to avoid accumulated dust and dirt as well as manifestation of harmful germs in the environment. While the high dusting services are not a part of the frequently scheduled services, it remains important to create a plan with a suitable frequency tailored around the layout and requirements of each retail store.

Diversified Maintenance focuses on establishing a meticulously clean retail store environment and includes integrated solutions to meet all frequent and occasional cleaning and maintenance requirements all year round. To learn more about our high dusting services for retail stores as well as other custom solutions to help you attract and retain a loyal customer base, send me a note at: Nancy Matura