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The Role of Facilities Maintenance Partner in Creating a Safe & Healthy Workplace

Contributed by Darren Theodore, Regional Sales Executive

The most prominent benefits of outsourcing facilities maintenance services to a professional company include the convenience of not having to train, manage, and supervise in-house staff as well as long term savings in indirect costs. However, an even more important benefit is that a professional service provider can ensure a safe and healthy workplace for the employees and customers at any facility.

As the on-ground workers of a facilities maintenance company solely focus on their core operations, they are able to work with attention to detail. Simultaneously, the service providers invest in employee training and development to ensure that safety practices and quality standards are never compromised. Considering the new requirements and challenges related to last year-s coronavirus outbreak, a professional partner can also deliver new and enhanced cleaning, disinfecting, and maintenance solutions, all of which lead to establishing a safe, healthy, and clean workplace at all times.

An experienced service provider with a customer base in diverse industries can also take up the customer demands for integrated service plan. Such a partner can positively impact their customers’ business and operations in terms of:

  • Better employee productivity and efficiency
  • Healthy work environment with reduced risk of infection and illnesses
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Safe practices by using the most effective products, equipment, and PPE

Diversified Maintenance works closely with all customers across different industrial verticals. The management and on-ground staff work with the philosophy that creating healthy workplaces is at the heart of everything the company stands for. All employees undergo a training program that covers standard topics, safety procedures, and tailored topics to train employees to meet the unique requirements of each customer. To learn more about a custom facilities maintenance plan and schedule to create a healthy workplace send me a note at: Darren Theodore