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Contributed by: Faith Enogieru

The Impact of Professional Janitorial Services on Your Bottom-Line

Outsourcing is an increasingly common and popular business practice with a host of benefits, especially for non-core support functions that can be easily assigned to external service providers. Among several other such services is the janitorial function that plays a non-core but essential part in supporting uninterrupted operations and efficiency. However, the various benefits of outsourced janitorial services are not limited to business operations but they also impact cost-efficiency and eventually the bottom-line for the customers. Professional janitorial service providers operate with a structured framework and predetermined scope of work. Additionally, their on-ground team of experts undergo a comprehensive training program to ensure consistent delivery of quality services to meet customer expectations.

Some businesses opt for a self-performing internal program for cleaning and maintaining their facility, and commonly believe it to be a more economical option than outsourcing. However, in the long run, outsourced janitorial services can positively impact the cost of the program for businesses. For instance, the service provider’s staff takes away the significant expense of employee training and development for a self-performing janitorial model. At the same time, turnover and absenteeism are seamlessly managed by an outsourced partner without causing disruption in services. Other considerable effects of a successful outsourced janitorial program include:

  • Feedback & Reports – Professional services can only succeed with a thorough understanding of customer requirements. Experienced companies prioritize customer feedback and use insights for continuous improvement. At the same time, there is transparency in their operations through routine analysis and report generation for customers.
  • Proactive Problem Resolution – Since janitorial companies cross-train their employees, they have the skills and knowledge to go above their day-to-day responsibilities. These professionals effectively monitor and assess upcoming requirements, repair concerns, opportunities for improvement, possible workplace hazards, and more.
  • Use of Technology – Janitorial service providers are well-equipped with use technological support for both, back-end and field operations. By integrating relevant technology, these companies deliver efficient and seamless services within the overall program cost for the customer.

Diversified Maintenance designs well-structured and custom janitorial programs to ensure each customer receives the benefits of maintaining a clean, healthy, and safe workplace with cost-efficiency in the long run. The Company has the experience to fulfil the scope of work for customers in various industries, and has the capacity to ensure a smooth transition phase, in-depth training initiatives, cross-training programs, employee screening and recruitment practices, safety compliance, documentation and reports, quality assurance, and more. To learn more about outsourcing janitorial services for cost effective solutions,  send me a note at: Cheryl Costello