Briana Baker Wows at Northrop Grumman

An employee at Northrop Grumman Colorado Springs reached out to recognize one of our employees, Briana Baker.

I wanted to reach out directly to you to tell you that I have been exceptionally pleased with Briana Baker, the young lady who has taken over the responsibilities on the second floor.

As we return to a more normal pre-COVID work routine I find myself in the building more and more frequently and I must say, in the short time she has been there I have seen a marked improvement in the cleanliness of the facility. She has done a marvelous job scrubbing the glass banister and getting it clean. I have never seen it so gleaming and I know that is due to her hard work and desire to make it look perfect.

I have a bad habit of often walking down a hallway and subconsciously rubbing my finger along the tops of things. The other day I found myself doing this and much to my surprise, there was not a speck of dust! Of course, at that point I had to wipe along the top of every picture, door frame and fire extinguisher housing I could find and I was exceptionally pleased that when I got to my office my finger was still clean.

Now, you may say this is just a young lady doing her job, and I can accept that, but I just wanted to take the time to let you know that this young lady is doing her job in an outstanding fashion. I have enjoyed getting to know her just a little bit and observing her work ethic and seeing the satisfaction she gets out of a job well done.

So, thanks for finding such a fine young lady who is doing everything she can to make our work environment and clean and enjoyable place.

We presented Briana with a Way to Go Award. The award was presented by Facility Manager Margie Crow and Diversified PM Michelle Abad.