Rey Garcia Excels at Honeywell

Diversified team member Rey Garcia has been doing such an amazing job that our customer’s facility manager called Diversified Division Manager Celeste Patrick to tell her just how great Rey has been. Says Clay Johnson, Senior Facilities Manager:

I would like to pay special recognition to Rey Garcia and the excellent work he is doing to support our sites. Rey has been through the whole covid period with these two sites, has weathered constantly changing demands, and has filled in and worked hard when staff reductions occurred. He has not had a day supervisor during this time so, essentially, he has been pulling double duty. He does all of this with great patience, responsiveness, and professionalism.  He is always willing to help and has been working diligently to learn and grown in his leadership role. Besides all that, he’s just a dang good guy!

Awesome job, Rey! We appreciate everything you do to help our team and our customers succeed! Keep up the excellent work!