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Luz Flores Impresses EVP Ann-Marie Campbell at The Home Depot

Contributed by Jim Kuras

Luz Flores recently had the opportunity to walk two of the stores we clean in Maryland with The Home Depot’s Executive Vice President Ann-Marie Campbell. Needless to say, the stores were looking excellent thanks to the Diversified team’s hard work and attention to detail!

After walking stores 2507 and 2584, both located in Maryland, Ann-Marie took a few minutes to share with Luz what a wonderful job everyone at The Home Depot has noticed her doing. It is certainly impressive that Luz has been recognized by senior executives. Spaces as large as The Home Depot stores are hard to keep clean, and it takes an experienced and dedicated crew to get the job done on a tight schedule. Luz and her team truly embody our dedication to “Details Matter”. Thanks to our Maryland teams, and keep up the great work!

↑ Luz Flores and EVP Ann-Marie Campbell share a smile after walking Stores 2507 and 2584 in Maryland.