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How to Avoid a Janitorial Staffing Gap or Surplus at Your Facility

Contributed by Jessica Williamson, Regional Sales Executive

With most businesses returning to work with both, hybrid and full-return schedules, it had become imperative to prioritize employee health and safety rather than rushing back to regain the pre-pandemic work life routine without an effective strategy. Businesses needed to devise new techniques to fulfil employee safety expectations, and workplace hygiene and sanitation were at the top of their list of worries in order to gradually ease back into the physical workplace. The pandemic has caused a surge in demand for cleaning and disinfecting offices frequently, but businesses are already struggling to adjust to other core operational changes and practices, and have reached the point where they can no longer perform all backend functions while also managing other post-pandemic business challenges. In-house teams are faced with the dilemma of determining the right number of personnel the cleaning and disinfecting requirements, after perhaps decreasing janitorial staff during the pandemic.

Not only is it tough to maintain adequate cleaning protocols and frequencies while staying within an acceptable budget, it is also difficult to determine the most appropriate number of cleaning staff required to satisfy the new, stringent requirements and regulations. Both an insufficient and an excessive number of employees hired to clean and disinfect office premises can result in preventable problems related to service quality and costs. On the contrary, outsourcing the janitorial and maintenance function to an experienced service provider is an effective approach to resolve the staffing gap or surplus challenges, while ensuring seamless service delivery, sufficient frequency, fewer disruptions in core operations and workflow, and no hassle of managing and paying the personnel.

Furthermore, task allocation, absenteeism control, training and development, skills enhancement through cross-training, and other essential employee management factors are also successfully addressed by an outsourced janitorial service firm with high quality service standards. In order keep up with the changing environment, professional service providers also has the knowledge and experience to decide the right number of janitorial personnel required for each individual customer and facility.

Diversified Maintenance delivers tailored janitorial and facilities maintenance services, and as a partner that is not directly related to the core operations of the customers, the program delivers long-term cost savings and resource efficiency. As a result, customers are able to keep their employees engaged in more important workflow while ensuring their safety through a clean and well-maintained work environment that complies with health and safety regulations. To learn more about the benefits of a well-designed and adequately staffed janitorial program with a thoroughly trained on-ground team, send me a note at: Jessica Williamson