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Customer Retention Translates into Customer Loyalty: How Your Facilities Maintenance Partner Stands Out from the Crowd

Contributed by Ed Turbeville, National Sales Executive

“There is a big difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer.” Shep Hyken (Customer Experience Expert)

Facilities maintenance companies strive to achieve higher customer retention for a number of reasons, including cost effective benefits. It leads to less costs to improve the value of longstanding customers than the cost of expanding customer base with new customer acquisition. On the other hand, customers that are valued by the service partner for their long-term relationship are able to put a great amount of trust in the services delivered.

The different perspectives of both, the customer and the facilities maintenance service provider highlight the importance of effort that the service partner must put in to ensure that the relationship does not gradually end in a disappointing way. The key to a successful long-term relation between a facilities maintenance company and its customer is never losing sight of customer requirements and expectations. For many service providers, the initial few months of start-of-service seem promising but it takes attention to detail, commitment, and hard work to not let major slips in service delivery mainly due to the distractions in work caused by new customer acquisition objectives. However, there are several service providers that continue to prioritize expanding their clientele as opposed to nurturing long lasting customer relations with existing ones.

It is an effective approach to evaluate the customer base of a new facilities maintenance partner in light of the customer loyalty it has established over the years. As a result of working with such a service provider, businesses can gain a range of benefits including:

  • A well-structured quality assurance system
  • Routine audits and system of check and balance for the quality of service delivery
  • A company-wide culture of continuous improvement
  • High employee engagement and motivation
  • Clear understanding of customer needs and expectations for cleaning standards
  • Efficient and results-oriented communications

Diversified Maintenance delivers a personalized experience, valuing business continuity and longstanding relations with each customer. The Company has a strong Account Management team responsible to retail customers and grow those opportunities with focus on customer’s program objectives, feedback, and level of satisfaction. To learn more about our high customer retention and its impact on our operational success, send me a note at: Ed Turbeville