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Working with a Facility Maintenance Service Provider: 3 Prominent Benefits for Warehouses

By Richard J. Goldring, National Sales Executive

With fast-paced processes and high-efficiency standards, operators and managers of warehouses and distribution centers find it challenging to maintain a clean and organized facility. It is an integral part of their strategy to focus on efficient and uninterrupted warehouse operations, making it difficult to take care of the added responsibility of managing and monitoring employees for maintaining the warehouse. Whether it is the production floor that must always remain clean or to ensure that there is nothing to restrict movement within the warehouse aisles, working with a professional facility maintenance company is an effective and hassle free way to keep your warehouse clean and free of debris at all times. A functional approach of selecting a service provider is to work with one that has specialized experience in catering to warehouses and distribution centers. For example, Diversified Maintenance has years of experience in partnering with warehouses, logistics facilities, distribution and fulfillment centers across the United States where the Company consistently delivers quality results along with the benefits discussed below:

SAFETY – Considering the nature of your operations, there are several types of safety risks and potential dangers faced by the workers and cleaning crew at warehouses and distribution centers. Diversified Maintenance has been recognized by Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) for Outstanding Overall Record in Employee and Vehicle Safety. The Company provides thorough training on job requirements along with special focus on safety training, while conducting monthly safety training meetings to address safety topics and identify ways to ensure that each employee is well acquainted with the current safety standards for the industry in which they operate. Their dedicated safety team is responsible for safety inspections, orientation training on safety topics, onsite safety training at customer facility, and supervision to ensure all necessary precautions are implemented.

PRODUCTIVITY – It is no secret that improved productivity is a priority for all businesses. For warehouses and distribution centers, productivity and performance can be significantly affected by the upkeep of the facility. Dirt, dust, debris, walking hazards, slip and fall risks, restricted movement are all common issues but leaving the warehouse facility maintenance for professionals ensures that a cleaning routine is followed without fail. On the other hand, a cleaner and more organized distribution center is not only safer for employees but also allows better handling of products, making it possible to speed up operations.

CONSISTENCY – A warehouse that is cleaned flawlessly on some days of the week but inadequately cleaned on the remaining days is likely to experience significant difference in the way the staff performs their job. Regular in-depth cleaning with consistent results is essential for smooth, uninterrupted operations at warehouses and distribution centers. A consistent cleaning schedule allows warehouse employees to carry out their work without wasting their time in avoiding the potential hazards of an inadequately cleaned space or encountering debris as a barrier to using their equipment and supplies as required.

Diversified’s logistics services include specialized solutions for warehouses and distribution centers such as forklift operations, inventory management, product line support, and warehouse management. To learn more about the wide range of benefits and seamless warehouse solutions, contact Richard Goldring at