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Why You Should Leave Your Specialty Retail Store Maintenance to the Pros

By Shaheen Mojibian, National Sales Executive

Every specialty retail storefront is a visual representation of the brand. Similarly, the appearance of the store’s interior plays an important part in defining the overall customer experience. Specialty retailers must therefore emphasize on the maintenance of their facility as much as they add importance to their product range and quality along with the overall customer service.

Many successful specialty retailers find themselves in a highly competitive business environment and realize that their brand’s customer loyalty and retention greatly depends on the experience they deliver. Customers will only revisit your store when their experience is impeccable and consistent every time, and one of the many ways this can be made possible is when store operations align with the services of your facility maintenance team. Needless to say, a clean, safe, and well-maintained store that creates a lasting impression does not only contribute to customer satisfaction but also gives specialty retailers a strong competitive edge. ISSA, a leading association for the worldwide cleaning industry, conducted a survey showing that 95 percent of shoppers indicated that their shopping decisions were influenced by the cleanliness and sanitation standards of a store. These shoppers take many factors into consideration such as unclean restrooms, dirty floors with spills and stains, unpleasant odor, dirty shopping carts, and more.

In short, cleanliness in a retail environment is as critical as customer service. In order to achieve the cleaning and maintenance goals of your specialty retail store, the right approach is to find a reliable partner company that can fully understand your requirements as well as the expectations of your customers. Professional facility maintenance service providers operate with attention to detail which is necessary for specialty retail businesses to inspire their customers and prospects to stay at their store for longer, enjoy their time there, buy more, and come back again. The best fit for your store is a company that believes in working as partner for its customer and not as a vendor, and has a wide range of services to develop a plan with integrated solutions to meet most of your cleaning maintenance requirements.

Diversified Maintenance is an outstanding example of a service provider with experience in establishing custom maintenance plans with integrated solutions that are delivered on a regular schedule through a highly trained crew. The company caters to all types and sizes of specialty retail facilities without compromising on efficiency and ensuring that all surfaces are free from dust, germs and pathogens, floors are spotless, high-touch spots like countertops and doorknobs are clean and sanitized, all windows are clear as crystal, restrooms are thoroughly cleaned, and all other customer requirements are met. To learn more about specialty retail store maintenance services, get in touch with Shaheen Mojibian at