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How a Professional Facility Maintenance Partner Reduces Downtime for Industrial Customers

By Ryan Thomson, Regional Sales Executive

Industrial manufacturing businesses operate in a challenging environment with compliance issues and sophisticated regulations. As the scope of these businesses is evolving, the industry is also experiencing the rise and growth of many new, important trends – one of them is that of outsourcing the facility maintenance function to a professional company.

Contrary to an old misconception about facility maintenance for industrial customers being confined to simple cleaning practices for some parts or selected equipment at the facility, there has been a significant increase in advanced, integrated maintenance solutions being implemented at industrial facilities.

Companies that offer tailored solutions to its customers are able to build facility maintenance plans that deliver quality results, year-on-year cost savings, positive customer experiences, and most importantly reduced downtime for the industrial sector. Diversified Maintenance, for example, has years of experience in maintaining tens of millions of square feet of both, heavy and light industrial facilities across the country. The company has the expertise to build the most competent team for each customer by screening, hiring, and training staff members to fully understand the industrial manufacturing requirements, deliver consistent results, and ensure that each facility’s operations continue with minimum interruption. This detailed approach is the reason that Diversified Maintenance has earned the reputation of working as a reliable partner for providing facilities maintenance services to industrial customers including textile mills, paper plants, fiber production plants, pharmaceutical industries, and automotive plants, and many more.

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