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Contributed by: Faith Enogieru

Why Outsourcing the Facilities Maintenance Function for Banks Delivers Customer Satisfaction Consistently

Contributed by Sheryl Perstein

Banks are known and trusted by their clients as businesses that run with high efficiency in a competitive sector. While their perceptions and expectations are driven by the quality of services offered, customers also walk into a bank with a preconceived impression of entering a welcoming place with a meticulously cleaned, maintained, and organized work environment. Subsequently, banks must understand the significance of facilities maintenance services in creating a lasting impact on customer experience. It goes without saying that they require high-level expertise in the team that is in charge of maintaining a clean and pristine facility at all times. As a result, outsourcing this function to a professional and experienced service provider can ensure unparalleled results that can enhance the exterior and interior appearance and cleanliness standards for the bank.

When analyzing and selecting an outsourced service provider to satisfy the stringent requirements set forth by banks, it is crucial to look beyond the range of services offered. The selected service provider should have the capabilities to deliver integrated solutions to meet the full range of facilities maintenance requirements. At the same time, it is also important to partner with a service provider with nation-wide presence to take up the responsibilities of multiple bank locations across the country. Other essential areas to evaluate include the ability to work with a frequency and schedule that does not cause hindrance in the bank’s operations during working hours. The team on the ground must maintain the desired productivity standards to ensure that the banks can continue operations along with maintaining their brand image of class, sophistication, customer service excellence, and competitive-edge in the industry.

Diversified Maintenance is not only empowered with 50 years of extensive experience in delivering quality facilities maintenance services, but it also maintains a comprehensive portfolio of customers from the banking and financial institution industry. Along with standard cleaning and maintenance protocols, the Company has designed specific solutions for banks including Key Control and Security, Teller Station Cleaning, Data Center Cleaning, Secure Area Cleaning, E-Key and Geo-fencing, to name a few. To learn more about the benefits of outsourcing the facilities maintenance function for superior services with your desired schedule, send me a note at: Sheryl Perlstein