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Contributed by: Faith Enogieru

The Value of Long-Term Partnership with Outsourced Janitorial Service Provider

Contributed by Chris Payne

The stability, efficiency, profitability, and success of any business are influenced by a number of factors, including employees, operations, finances, marketing, target market, and competitors, to name a few. However, the importance of the relationships that a business has with external suppliers and partners must also be recognized for their impact on supporting the backend functions. For instance, outsourced janitorial services with a strong partnership can ensure greater value for businesses in the long run. Without a well-aligned partnership, janitorial companies will only perform their duties as an external vendor and that creates a lack of proactive problem-solving, reliability, dedication, and possible cost.

Along with the benefits of having a team of trained janitorial staff to ensure thorough cleaning and upkeep of the facility, service providers that operate as a partner for their customers place a high priority on aligning core values, ensuring accountability, working devotedly, and delivering seamless services with consistent results. Despite the fact that janitorial services are unrelated to a company’s core operations, they are nonetheless crucial to maintaining a safe and clean working environment that is necessary for employees to perform their tasks in any organization as well as ensure seamless practices to meet the scope of work. With this significant impact, it is necessary to choose a partner with a diverse portfolio, nationwide presence, and also a high customer retention rate. Diversified Maintenance, for instance, maintains a 97% client retention rate by working closely with a dedicated Account Management team responsible for ensuring customer expectations are being met, and their feedback is taken into due consideration for continuous improvement. Similarly, janitorial companies with a customer-centric approach and sustainable partnerships also focus on:

Continuous Improvement

With a longstanding partnership, janitorial companies recognize the significant impact of service quality standards and continuous improvement. They not only collect customer feedback and insight over time, but they also improve their performance, productivity, and understanding of the customer’s operations, priorities, and expectations.

Shared Objectives

The janitorial contract and scope of work outline customer requirements and the company’s deliverables. When operating as a partner to the customer for supporting their backend functions, janitorial companies implement a transition phase prior to start-of-service to ensure a clear understanding of objectives and create a shared vision for the program.

Communication & Dependability

The longer the partnership with a customer, the better the communications channel with a dedicated point of contact for routine and ad-hoc exchange of information and feedback. The quality of communication also increases the reliability of the service provider, which is an important part of proactive problem resolution and delivering exceptional customer service.

Diversified Maintenance prioritizes building and retaining long-term customer partnerships by ensuring that all employees perform their jobs in a work culture that promotes working harmoniously toward shared goals. By consistently placing a high value on business continuity and strong customer relations, Diversified Maintenance has a staggering 97% rate of client retention. Additionally, the Company’s core values also form the framework for consistently delivering customer satisfaction. To learn more about creating a shared vision and a partnership with your janitorial service provider, send me a note at: Chris Payne