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Contributed by: Faith Enogieru

Quality Assurance as a Crucial Function for Integrated Facility Maintenance Services

Contributed by Cindy Fetters

A structured quality management and assurance program is a cornerstone for outsourced facility maintenance services. Essentially, it is important to prioritize quality assurance as a continuous process that ensures that customer expectations, quality standards, and process improvements are achieved adequately and consistently. Among a comprehensive list of other crucial components, effective quality control measures must include:

  • Customer-specific checklists designed in relevance to the scope of work
  • Routine monitoring for tools, equipment, and other supplies
  • Maintaining inventory for all customer facilities

Leading service providers with advance capabilities to deliver integrated facility maintenance programs, are using a more methodical, well-defined, and personalized approach to deliver their services. They are also aiming at evolving at the same pace as the changing industry dynamics and customer demands across various industries. Since these service providers design custom integrated programs to meet the requirements of different customers individually, they are also supporting their service deliveries with tailored quality assurance practices. When an integrated facility maintenance program is backed up by a comprehensive quality assurance plan, it is understandable that service providers also monitor and report daily tasks completed, evaluate the quality of services provided, present prompt solutions to any problems, and collect customer insights and feedback for improvement in the future. Additionally, quality assurance is also an important function to proactively address real-time and expected problems by identifying key performance challenges, recognizing the possible causes for each challenge, and recommending the most effective and efficient solutions.

As Diversified Maintenance focuses on implementing continuous quality improvement with wide-ranging protocols, customers across various industries believe that the team has a thorough understanding of their requirements. The Company also believes that attention to detail is the foundation of a successful quality assurance program that is also incorporated in the employee training and development modules. With a robust quality control and management system, the Company analyzes the existing quality standards and services for each customer site, identifies all areas for improvement, collects feedback through on-site audits and customer interviews, provides continuous classroom and on-the-job training sessions to employees, implements best practices to positively impact customer operations and reduce downtime, among other essential steps. To learn more about the significance of a tailored quality assurance program for integrated facility maintenance services, send me a note at: Cindy Fetters