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Why Cleanliness & Hygiene is Important to Create a Holistic Workplace Experience

Contributed by Christopher Payne, Regional Sales Executive

As workforce re-entry continues at a rapid pace, the recent pandemic has put workplace safety in the spotlight. Businesses are ensuring that their facilities are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at all times. However, outsourced solutions with a reliable and experienced facilities maintenance company can shift the current perspective to a more holistic approach that produces an optimal environment for employees to work in. To put it another way, workplace hygiene and safety are mandatory functions but performing them in-house out of a sense of obligation as if there is no other option often results in mediocre results. On the other hand, professional teams from a facilities maintenance company are motivated to perform cleaning, disinfecting, and maintenance functions with focus on creating a positive workplace experience that will drive employee motivation, engagement, and productivity.

A growing number of businesses are adopting a proactive approach to impact the workplace experience of their employees through key components such as creating a well-designed office space, investing in efficient technology, encouraging healthy employee relations, among others. As these measures aim at impacting employee satisfaction and workplace experience, the backend support function of facilities maintenance can further support to allow the employees to step into their workplace and feel happy and safe throughout the premises.

Selecting the right partner for an integrated facilities maintenance program also results in numerous advantages, such as:

Quality Assurance – Professional cleaning and maintenance services maintain quality standards after recruiting and training on-ground team members to ensure every site is cleaned with consistent results and quality standards.

Safety – Key features of facilities maintenance companies that demonstrate their commitment to safety include a comprehensive training program that includes a separate module or program dedicated to safety training. The service provider should also be recognized for the success of its safety team.

Trained Staff – Thoroughly trained professionals ensure that the most effective and suitable products including recommended disinfectants are used along with the right tools and equipment. They also acquire training in essential safety protocols including the right way to use and dispose of PPE.

Diversified Maintenance facilitates tailored facilities maintenance programs to support business re-entry as well as focus on helping customers enhance employee efficiency in clean and well-maintained environments. To learn more about how you can achieve a higher number of objectives and improve operational efficiency with a long-term partnership for outsourced facilities maintenance solutions, send me a note at: Chris Payne