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The Way Forward: Innovation for Facilities Maintenance Services

Contributed by Mark Gilbreth, Regional Sales Executive

With growing competition and evolving customer demands, innovation for the facilities maintenance industry is critical to progress toward improved processes, productivity, and outcomes. Facilities maintenance service providers must also cultivate an innovation culture in order to broaden their scope of work and improve service quality. Along with their internal processes, service providers must also consider external partnerships to bring in technological innovation to improve service standards, operational efficiency, reliability, safety measures, and cost saving.

Successful facilities maintenance service providers, that have developed an innovation culture, combine internal and external innovation sources to:

  • Increase cleaning consistency
  • Deliver higher efficiency and quality
  • Expand scope of services and capacity
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Manage employee shifts, workload, and absenteeism
  • Outpace competitors in the industry
  • Ensure service reliability and customer satisfaction

Diversified Maintenance incorporates technology and innovation in various backend and core operations including daily on-site tasks, data collection, and report generation. The Company has successfully established longstanding partnerships with reputable innovation companies such as SoftBank Robotics and GenEon Technologies. These companies deliver technological innovation through their products like GenEon Technologies’ line of Electro Chemical (ECA) On-Site Generators and SoftBank Robotics Group’s Whiz intelligent vacuum sweeper. Both the partner companies enhance the advanced capabilities for Diversified Maintenance by widening the spectrum of scope of services, improving the environmental sustainability initiatives, enhancing operational performance and results, minimizing possible human errors, and allowing the on-site team to focus on other core processes while the efficient technological solutions take off the work load from daily repetitive tasks.

Whiz Vacuum Sweeper: Latest in cleaning automation technology designed to handle soft surface cleaning so on-site staff can focus on other detailed tasks. The autonomous vacuum sweeper, using teach-and-repeat mapping and responsive navigation, reduces the impact of workforce shortage and inconsistent quality, and high costs.

GenEon On-Site Generators: Safe, sustainable, budget-friendly and highly effective cleaners, sanitizers & disinfectants that eliminates storage needs by generating 3 types of specialized cleaners on-site.

To learn more about the benefits of innovation in facilities maintenance services as a planned approach for continuous improvement, send me a note at: Mark Gilbreth