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The Value of Clean & Safe Workplaces: Productive and Motivated Workforce

Contributed by Nancy Matura, National Sales Executive

The value of professional services delivered by a reliable facilities maintenance company spreads across multiple levels. The core service benefit is thorough cleaning across every nook and corner of the facility. Additionally, the benefits extend beyond maintaining a clean workplace to ensuring that the facility is aesthetically pleasing, that cleaning practices are carried out safely, and that the customer is spared the hassle and expenses of managing a self-performing janitorial team. At the same time, professional service providers focus on consistent service quality and compliance due to which the facility is transformed into a clean, safe, and healthy work environment for everyone. Similarly, the ‘new normal’ work world necessitates modified and enhanced cleaning, disinfecting, and maintenance solutions in order to establish a clean and safe workplace at all times.

Unkempt workplaces with inadequate hygiene have direct impact on low employee morale and excessive absences that equate to inefficiency at work. On the other hand, professional facilities maintenance service providers can make it simple and affordable to maintain a healthy work environment – workplace hygiene is essential for the health and safety of staff and customers as it can help prevent risk of infection and illnesses.

A well-maintained and clean workplace is an important step towards improving absence rates with fewer sick leaves for any business. In comparison to a self-performing janitorial function, partnering with a facilities maintenance company can do a world of good for employee health, productivity, and operational efficiency. The service provider’s well-trained staff also ensures all cleaning protocols are carried out in safe ways and use the most effective equipment, products, and PPE.

Diversified Maintenance ensures that the employee training program focuses on creating awareness of all possible health risks of high touch-points and communal spaces within a facility. At the same time, the training program has also been updated in accordance with the guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting business facilities to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and transmission of other harmful pathogens. To learn more about the benefits of our enhanced services for your workforce morale and performance, send me a note at: Nancy Matura