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The Significance of the Safety Promise for Facilities Maintenance Operators

Contributed by Ryan Thomson, Regional Sales Executive

The role of safety for a cleaning and maintenance company has a wide scope as it includes the wellbeing of not only its own employees but also that of the various people connected with the facility at which they operate. Understanding this wide view of the effect of safety measures on a facilities maintenance business is crucial – it is only through this comprehensive understanding that service providers go beyond the simple documentation of a safety policy. Drafting a safety policy can be a simple task and can be easily replicated and forgotten. On the other hand, a company with a culture of safety has a radical shift in the way the entire business operates.

Facilities maintenance companies with a customer-centric approach are highly likely to create a safety culture. When they keep their customer requirements and satisfaction as their top priority, service providers work with a daily commitment to ensure safety of their own crew and everyone else around them. However, safety culture can be established when the leadership recognizes its significance and encourages employees to develop safe practices in everything they do. Commitment to safety is reflected through the company’s safety and accident prevention programs that allow the on-site teams to work within a framework of safety and remain productive.

Diversified Maintenance has created a culture of safety that is introduced to each new employee in the preliminary phases. The first step is the Safety Orientation training that includes important topics such as Hazard Communication (HAZCOM), Emergency Procedures, Tools and Equipment, PPE, Site Security Rules, and many more. In addition to these topics, employees undergo on-site training and demonstration for specific tasks. The Company is also recognized by Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) for Outstanding Overall Record in Employee and Vehicle Safety. To learn more about safety practices, inspections, training, and other crucial safety policies,  send me a note at: Ryan Thomson