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How QA Technology Can Drive Facilities Maintenance Operational Success

Contributed by Dave Saeltzer, Regional Sales Executive

Emerging technologies are helping businesses run more efficiently while enabling them to evolve at a much faster pace than ever. Similarly, a number of innovative technologies play a significant role for facilities maintenance companies. By using automation in both, their front and back end operations, facilities maintenance companies are adapting to market shifts rapidly and continuing to improve their long-term competitive advantage.

Adapting different automation tools that effectively streamline the overall business operations and management in the facilities maintenance industry in important to drive operational performance and simplify fieldwork.

A popular and effective real-time mobile solution to ensure quality assurance is ProntoForms.  Diversified utilizes this application to document tasks performed by its field team with the following key benefits:

  • Reduce office visits to submit filled out forms and notes
  • Streamline communication of daily tasks with user-friendly app
  • Easy management of performance evaluation recording the time and location of submissions with accurate data
  • Automatic complex calculations such as time spent on a job, materials and estimates, and many more
  • Image compatible
  • Let’s the facility manger sign off on quality assurance report
  • Geo-stamped reports
  • Easy PDF conversion
  • Easy-to-follow format

This platform contributes to the company’s growth and performance by including the ability to not only capture rich data but also to record, access, and share field information in real-time.  See our video on how Pronto makes it easy and accurate to review Field Operations Productivity, Customer Satisfaction, Service Quality, Compliance Performance, Field Coordination and Resource Management, and Procedural Audits. To learn more about the technological capabilities for continuous improvement and enhanced customer experience, send me a note at: David Saeltzer