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Team Safety: Diversified’s Key Performance Area at Every Facility

Contributed by Dave Saeltzer, Regional Sales Executive

As in many industries, workplace safety is a vital component of service quality for janitorial and maintenance companies. There is a wide range of potential hazards that the facilities maintenance employees may face – such as the use of harmful chemicals, working with equipment that may present a risk, the danger of slipping and falling causing injuries, and many more. These employees are mostly required to fulfill the same tasks on a regular basis, but the repetitive nature of their jobs should not undervalue safety and its important role for service success, not only for the company but also the customers.

“An effective safety and health program depends on the credibility of management’s involvement in the program, inclusion of employees in safety and health decisions, rigorous worksite analysis to identify hazards and potential hazards, including those which could result from a change in worksite conditions or practices, stringent prevention and control measures, and thorough training.” – OSHA

Janitorial and facilities maintenance companies require a comprehensive safety program that ensures the well-being of their employees and also eliminates risks and hazards for their customers. It requires a methodical framework that begins with in-depth planning, followed by effective training program, together with the supervision of a dedicated team responsible for all procedures linked to safety.

Since the safety program is equally important for both the employees and customers, the following measures are important to consider when selecting a facilities maintenance company for your business:

Training Tools: Employee training is prioritized by most janitorial and maintenance service providers. More often than not, safety training topics are included briefly as part of the training for fulfilling the job requirements. However, it is most effective to carry out safety training separately with extensive safety training content that focuses only on relevant topics including chemical usage, equipment upgrades, use and disposal of PPE, safety compliance, and other useful information to keep employees up-to-date with the industry’s latest safety standards.

Dedicated Team: For every area that with important effects on a business and its services, the responsibility is delegated to a committed management to plan and review the processes, and implement continuous improvement. A firm that gives the same level of importance to safety will not only have on-site job performance monitoring teams, but will also have a dedicated safety team to train employees, review each facility to understand the risks, and develop custom safety programs for each customer.

Certifications: Many facilities maintenance businesses are awarded certificates for their excellent performance and efficiency. These accomplishments and recognition clearly indicate their commitment to safety for their customers and employees. The safe working practices make it possible for these service providers to successfully deliver quality solutions and are thus recognized for performing above industry average and satisfying customers consistently.

Diversified Maintenance works with a dedicated Environmental, Health, and Safety Team that prepares and implements training and safety programs to ensure the employees and customers have a safe, healthy, accident-free work environment while also working on safety audits and future enhancements. To learn more about Diversified’s sustained job training and safety policy, send me a note at: David Saeltzer at