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The Advantages of Multi-Site Facilities Maintenance Service Agreements

Contributed by Robert Stern, Vice President, National Sales

A business with large scale operations across several locations, within a region or nationwide, encounters numerous challenges related to the cleaning and maintenance of their buildings – some of which include difficulties in planning and coordinating the different tasks, working with tight budgets, managing limited resources, fulfilling varying requirements at different buildings, and so on. To top it all, the novel coronavirus outbreak has added a wide set of rigorous and vital criteria to ensure the health and safety of everyone working at or visiting a public space.

Choosing the right facilities maintenance partner can be the answer to many of these diverse challenges. When a customer partners with a service provider who not only works closely with them to understand each of their requirements but also has the capacity to deliver consistent quality levels, then a multi-site contract with the same company can prove to be an optimal solution.

The importance of the facilities maintenance function is no longer a support function but an important core function that has a great impact on the core business performance. Janitorial and facilities maintenance can become increasingly challenging when they have to be planned for and managed in multiple buildings in more than one geographic locations. A multi-site service agreement with an experienced partner is an effective method to maintain a high standard of service and quality control for all the buildings. Other key benefits of keeping a single source facilities maintenance plan for all your business sites include:

  • Greater value by establishing company-wide expectations and standards that result in continuous improvement and cost savings in the long run.
  • By sharing the janitorial overhead costs across multiple facilities, your company will have reduced maintenance costs and greater efficiencies of scale.
  • Ease of operations and efficient time management for issue resolution.
  • Streamlined communications, better accountability, and simple access to information, reports, and real-time data.
  • Consistent, company-wide protocols against coronavirus and other harmful pathogens


Diversified Maintenance has years of multi-site presence across numerous industries. The Company’s team of experts deliver optimized solutions to meet the unique requirements of each building, ensure regular inspection, provide a single point of contact for centralized communication and problem-solving, implement in-depth training and structured quality assurance programs, and use effective technology including ProntoForms for quick and accurate documentation and reports.  To learn more about the benefits and smooth transition to an effective multi-site service agreement, send me a note at: Robert Stern