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The Post-Pandemic Office Environment: The Role of Outsourced Facilities Maintenance Services in Creating a Safe Workplace

Contributed by Darren Theodore, Regional Sales Executive

This year’s pandemic compelled countless businesses to discontinue operations temporarily. After several months of operational closure and disruptions, businesses have re-opened their offices but it has been an overwhelming experience for both business owners and their employees. The business re-entry dynamics are challenging because everyone is in this new and unprecedented situation for the first time; and employees are coming back to work with ongoing uncertainty and health risks on a daily basis.

In order to move forward their job requirements, it has become mandatory for employees to learn and adopt new company policies and safety protocols. Alongside the new practices introduced by businesses, it is also fundamental for outsourced facilities maintenance service providers to ensure safe and healthy work conditions are maintained. Experienced service providers are not only working to strengthen their existing cleaning and maintenance plans for customers but are also monitoring and implementing expert recommendations and guidelines for public health and safety. Your facilities maintenance part must consider the following measures to support seamless office operations:

  • Re-evaluate the office to determine which spaces and surfaces require cleaning and which parts also have to be disinfected.
  • Not only propose to incorporate enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols but also review the changes required in the existing plan of chemicals, cleaning supplies, equipment and tools, and other resources needed to deliver quality services.
  • Continue routine cleaning and disinfecting while looking for improvement in reducing the potential for infection exposure.

Since many businesses are turning to experts in the cleaning and maintenance industry for effective protocols and maintenance programs for their offices, successful facility maintenance companies are investing employee training on new procedures to help eliminate the spread of various pathogenic agents in the environment.

During the first wave and the peak of COVID-19 pandemic, Diversified Maintenance continued to work closely with all customers as an essential service provider. With uninterrupted services throughout this period, the Company demonstrated its advanced capacities to efficiently respond to the unique customer needs with an enhanced value proposition with improved cleaning, disinfecting, and other preventive and restorative services. To learn more about support for your office cleaning and maintenance requirements in view of the COVID-19 related procedures, send me a note: Darren Theodore