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Does a CIMS Certified Facilities Maintenance Partner Really Have a Competitive Edge

Contributed by Robert Stern, National Sales Executive

With more and more businesses moving toward entering a contract with a specialist cleaning and maintenance company, there has been an increase in the number of service providers as well. Similarly, the recent coronavirus outbreak also brought a drastic increase in demand for facilities maintenance companies for their essential services. Since the pandemic also increased the availability of workforce due to lack of job prospects in other non-essential industries, the facilities maintenance industry expanded with several new entrants. Although market development leads to more competition and more choices for customers to choose from, there are some assessment points that make it easy to narrow down options to the most productive ones. One of these important criteria that provides a relevant and valuable benchmark for selecting a service provider with robust quality standards is CIMS certification.

CIMS is a management standard by ISSA, a leading worldwide association for the cleaning industry, that recognizes cleaning organizations for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The CIMS framework follows a customer-centric approach and acknowledges the companies that execute high quality operations consistently. A facility maintenance company with CIMS-GB certifications implements best practices with advance capabilities to provide integrated solutions to ensure cleanliness, safety, environmental sustainability, and cost-effectiveness for customers in all sectors. By complying with the vigorous performance standards by CIMS-GB, service providers gain a distinctive competitive edge. What makes CIMS effective is its company-wide application for businesses that operates with a customer-driven approach, based on standards developed by the worldwide cleaning association ISSA. It is a management standard focusing on best practices and provides a framework to follow by successful, facilities maintenance and quality cleaning companies.

Choosing a CIMS certified service provider is the first step towards making a good decision to enter into a contract with the right partner because of its several benefits in the long run, including high standards of customer service, year-over-year cost savings, and dedicated team for Client Relations to ensure quality operations.

Diversified Maintenance has received CIMS-GB with Honors for its well-structured operational procedures, dedication to quality through each department, high quality service execution, and the seamless transition for new businesses. To learn more about how we utilize our experience, expertise, and resources to fully understand customer expectations and consistently meet them, send me a note at: Robert Stern