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Strike Off Janitorial Tasks from Your To-Do List: Benefits of Outsourcing Your Facilities Maintenance Function

Contributed by Nancy Matura, National Sales Executive

The perception of cleaning business and public facilities is no longer restricted to doing barely enough to comply with basic standards and rules. Now cleaning and disinfecting are both distinct and essential functions that are most effectively performed by competent facilities maintenance companies with a comprehensive range of integrated services.

While many businesses were already working with a professional janitorial service, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it more important to hire a facilities maintenance company with the capacity to take on a wide range of responsibilities after reexamining and improving its standardized services in compliance with pandemic-related public health guidelines. At the same time, an increasing number of businesses opting for professional cleaning and facilities maintenance service providers due to the novel coronavirus outbreak are also realizing other essential benefits that the professional companies can deliver:

High Quality Standards – For most businesses, a comparison of the work ethic and quality between in-house cleaning staff and outsourced janitorial services highlights that the professional company has the capacity, capital, and workforce to deliver better service standards. Their on-ground team members undergo expert training and have the experience to ensure all required tasks are carried out efficiently and professionally.

Employee Productivity & Morale – A well-maintained, organized, and clean workplace has a significant impact on how employees feel and perform. A clean, safe, and healthy workspace contributes to employee happiness which further adds to the motivation to work hard and perform better. It is important that there are no disruptions and issues in the work environment caused by inadequate cleaning and maintenance. In other words, a pristine environment boosts employee morale and allows them to focus better on their responsibilities.

Employee Health & Absenteeism Management – Any business facility, in the absence of outsourced facilities maintenance services, is likely to experience different types of risks associated with germs, dirt, bacteria, viruses, and other biohazards. While it has always been important to maintain a safe facility, employee health and wellbeing has now become a bigger concern more than ever before. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, a professional service provider can provide enhanced solutions for regular deep cleaning and disinfecting to ensure employees work safely without health risks which also results in fewer sick days. Professionally trained on-ground staff are experts at disinfecting and sanitation practices for maintaining hygienic, healthy, and germ-free facilities.

Diversified Maintenance works closely with all customers to not only understand their requirements and expectations, but also ensures quality assurance audits, customized training programs, and real-time reporting.  Our approach and process optimization ensures year-over-year cost savings for our customers.  Simultaneously, the Company also implements Level Three exposure cleaning and disinfecting to help customers achieve their goals of maintaining a safe and healthy workplace to mitigate the coronavirus exposure risk for their employees, customers, and other visitors. To learn more about our tailored solutions and value-added solutions to comply with the pandemic related expert recommendations, send me a note at: Nancy Matura