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Self-Operating Janitorial Functions Vs. Outsourcing Maintenance Services: What’s the Difference?

Contributed by Michelle Launey, National Sales Executive

The coronavirus crisis had a significant impact on economies and businesses. As various industries are slowly shifting towards stability, businesses are actively seeking new strategies to optimize resources, minimize costs, and maintain operational expenses on a budget. Before the pandemic, the decision to choose between hiring in-house cleaning staff and outsourcing janitorial services was based on various factors specific to each company’s requirements. The current situation, however, is being viewed as an option between lowering expenses with in-house cleaning staff and maintaining a healthy and safe facility with a professional service provider. Given the influence of professional services on efficiently and effectively following COVID-19 related expert guidelines, it is important to recognize that outsourcing the janitorial and facilities maintenance function to an expert service provider is viable and beneficial in many other ways as well:

Cost Savings – Contrary to what some businesses perceive, outsourced facilities maintenance services result in cost savings. Not only does a professional team work efficiently enough to deliver consistent results in less time than less experienced or trained in-house staff. The service provider also ensures all tasks are carried out using most effective tools, equipment, and supplies that are not financially feasible to purchase and stock by customers themselves. Similarly, businesses save time and money in the interviewing, screening, and hiring processes.

Seamless Processes – The responsibilities that come with the choice of in-house cleaning staff are not limited to the hiring and recruitment processes. Managing and supervising the staff is a relentless and taxing responsibility that takes up time and effort away from the core operations. On the other hand, a facilities maintenance service provider takes away this hassle and ensures effective employee management that includes assigning shifts, managing absenteeism, evaluating performance, and training them.

Quality Standards and Assurance – Facilities maintenance companies design comprehensive employee training and development programs that focus solely on making them experts at their core services: all types of building maintenance and janitorial services. With training and experience, their employees are capable of delivering high quality standards; and the service provider has dedicated account managers responsible for quality assurance practices and performance improvement.

Diversified Maintenance, with its nationwide presence and years of experience, has crafted a systematic and effective training program for new and existing employees. The Company’s Environmental, Health and Safety team develops additional comprehensive training modules to improve internal processes and on-site safety practices. At the same time, cost savings are not associated with reducing scope of work or quality, but every customer’s maintenance plan is designed to deliver long-term cost efficiencies and savings with integrated and preventive maintenance best practices. To learn more about the benefits of outsourcing your cleaning and maintenance function, send me a note: Michelle Launey mlauney@diversifiedmcom.