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Integrated Facilities Maintenance Services: Clean & Safe Distribution Centers

Contributed by Melanie Thompson, Regional Sales Executive

Distribution centers are labor-intensive environments with redundant but dynamic processes and problems. For all types of distribution centers, the core foundations for performance and success include:

  • Inventory Management and Security
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Ideal Layout
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cleanliness and Safety

Distribution center management is a complex function and its overall cleanliness and maintenance are important elements. The fast-paced work environment with seasonal shifts in workload requires high-quality services that ensure adequate cleaning along with safety measures unique to the facility’s design and scope of work. It is therefore considered essential to select a facilities maintenance company that not only delivers quality solutions but also ensures compliance with all significant protocols including OSHA guidelines and the recent pandemic related expert recommendations.

The different areas within a distribution center include the warehouse itself along with locker areas, customer service offices, loading and unloading docks, storage, among others. Each of these distinct areas in the layout serve specific purposes and have unique cleaning requirements; which is why it is beneficial to partner with a professional facilities maintenance company that delivers a wide range of services to create an integrated plan.

Integrated facilities maintenance for distribution centers is not only viable in terms of cost control but this approach delivers a high frequency schedule with additional benefits:

  • Streamlined communications and easy vendor management with a single service provider
  • Smooth workflow with a single partner responsible to ensure on-ground staff is present during required shifts and solve any possible issues proactively for delays, absenteeism, etc.
  • Full understanding of customer requirements, scope of work, and facility dynamics that help build an on-ground team with in-depth knowledge, training, and skills
  • Effective performance evaluation and continuous improvement

Diversified Maintenance works with a holistic approach to support the core operations of a distribution center with tailored cleaning and facilities maintenance solutions. The Company’s work philosophy is to work as a partner and not a vendor, creating an optimal and cost-effective integrated service plan. To learn more about our distribution center services along with our COVID-19 response, send me a note at: Melanie Thompson