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Safety Management and Chemical Applications in Professional Janitorial Services

Contributed by Ed Turbeville, Regional Sales Executive

“Safety management is commonly understood as applying a set of principles, framework, processes and measures to prevent accidents, injuries and other adverse consequences that may be caused by using a service or a product.” – Skybrary

From a customer’s viewpoint, outsourcing the janitorial function of their facility requires the service provider to have the capacity to not only deliver required solutions but also ensure workplace health and safety standards. In fact, safety management is an area of critical significance for janitorial services. Without a safety framework in place, janitorial service providers can put their own employees as well as those of the customers at risk. On the other hand, seasoned and professional janitorial companies work with a holistic approach with focus on the quality standards of their core services along with the service delivery with compliance to all health and safety requirements. This commitment to safety management also impacts the service provider’s best practices, productivity and efficiency, and employee engagement.

The hazards associated with the use of various kinds of chemical solutions are one of the many occupational health and safety concerns in janitorial services. There is a number of cleaning and disinfecting chemicals that the service providers use to achieve the objectives of maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy indoor environment. While these products are unquestionably effective, their improper use can be hazardous for on-ground employees. For instance, chemical misuse can result in hazardous chemical combinations, wounds and injuries, breathing problems, airborne illnesses, and more. Inadequate chemical usage is a risk for frontline workers and others working at the facility; and is also one of the causes for unnecessary costs, compliance issues, damage to surfaces, and product wastage.

Diversified Maintenance has a dedicated Environmental Health & Safety team that plays a significant role in designing the safety training programs with focus on the selection of adequate chemicals that are not harsh and hazardous, opting for environmentally friendly alternatives, training on the proper use and disposal of PPE, and ensuring thorough understanding of each cleaning product’s usage, quantity, dwell time, compatibility with other chemicals, and adequate ventilation. The Company implements the best practices established by leading chemical suppliers to ensure safest possible transportation, storage, usage, and disposal of all cleaning supplies. All personnel receive extensive safety training to ensure thorough understanding and compliance with the Company’s and the customer’s environmental, health, and safety standards. To learn more about the benefits of a janitorial partner with safety culture and best practices, send me a note at: Ed Turbeville