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How Facilities Maintenance Partners Can Align Customer Expectations and Service Transition

Contributed by Sheryl Perlstein, Sales Executive

A large number of professional facilities maintenance service providers operate under the assumption that the customer experience journey commences at the same time as the on-site service delivery. In reality, they are required to play a significant role prior to this date to ensure a smooth service transition for the customer. For banks and financial institutions, in particular, a seamless transition phase is crucial for continuing their business operations without undue delay and disruption. Businesses in the financial sector are predominantly concerned with a smooth start of a new service contract for facilities maintenance, because an inadequately planned transition phase can result in loss of time and money while causing inconvenience to the valued customers of the business.

Whether a financial institution is considering to replace their service provider or they are switching from a self-performing model, the significance of a comprehensive start-up plan by the facilities maintenance partner remains the same. In essence, these service providers are required to offer service customization to meet the particular needs of financial institutions while also designing tailored schedules and frequencies. In order to successfully deliver a tailored program, it is crucial to begin with a seamless transition phase initiated well before the contract start date by a dedicated team. As a result, the service providers can train the on-ground staff with a thorough understanding of customer expectations, functions to perform, and other key insights.

The sensitive nature of the financial sector and the impact of the services on their customers, it is imperative that they have a team of professionals delivering meticulous facilities maintenance services on a regular basis. Ideally, it is beneficial to partner with a facilities maintenance service provider for their expertise, experience, trained workforce, integrated solutions, among other advantages. However, a number of banks and financial institutions display reluctance in outsourcing their cleaning and maintenance tasks, primarily because the service transition can seem to be daunting and potentially damaging for their image. On the other hand, there are some facilities maintenance service providers with transparent procedures and industry-recognized best practices along with an extensive transition period between 30 to 45 days prior to start-of-service date.

Diversified Maintenance gives start-up and transition plans first priority in order to fully understand the scope of work required by every financial institution it partners with. The start-up orientation is put into place by the committed transition team at least one month before the commencement of the contract. Similarly, the transition team’s vital duty is not considered fulfilled with the start of service. In order to make sure that all customer expectations and criteria are met without a hitch, the team actually continues to monitor service transition over the period of three months following the contract date. To learn more about our in-depth and seamless transition plan, send me a note at: Sheryl Perlstein .