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Facilities Maintenance Partner Solution Vs. Internal Self-Performing Program

Contributed by Mark Gilbreth, Regional Sales Executive

Integrated facilities maintenance services require a comprehensive program with multiple processes to ensure that business operations for customers can continue at optimal efficiency. For the program to deliver desired results consistently and successfully, it is imperative that the scope of work, choice of cleaning protocols, frequency and schedule, product selection, number of employees, are meticulously planned and implemented. At the same time, the program must include a value-driven approach both in terms of cost savings and the alignment with the company’s requirements. As a result, a self-performing facilities maintenance program managed internally by businesses often result in a compromise in certain areas such as quality of work, productivity, costs, among others. An in-house team with temporary staffing is another challenge for businesses in terms of managing an employee training program. On the other hand, it is a productive solution to outsource the cleaning and maintenance functions to a seasoned service provider with the experience and capabilities to provide intended outcomes for customers in various industries.

Working with a facilities maintenance partner leads to practical benefits including a structured approach for day-to-day operations as well as the groundwork for ensuring continuous improvement in the long run. With the highly trained on-ground personnel, these service providers also have the capacity to continue seamless operations during unforeseen events without causing downtime for customers. Their training also addresses customer-specific details including the site layout, type of operations, production capacity, facility occupancy, and more. Professional facilities maintenance services provide greater value addition through integrated programs for a variety of reasons:

  • Qualified transition team
  • Employee screening and recruitment
  • In-depth training modules
  • Cross-training programs
  • Employee management
  • Payroll management
  • Site safety and regulatory compliance
  • Performance documentation
  • Quality control and accountability

Diversified Maintenance has skilled and trained teams of experts that work around the complex dynamics of different industries while prioritizing customer satisfaction throughout the contract period. The value of the Company’s integrated facilities maintenance program spreads across multiple levels for a customer, including a clean facility, aesthetically pleasing appearance, hassle-free management and supervision of on-ground staff, consistent quality and compliance, cost efficiency, and a safe and healthy work environment. To learn more about the benefits of enhanced facilities maintenance solutions, send me a note at: Mark Gilbreth