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Outsourced Facilities Maintenance as a Preventative Strategy to Reduce Industrial Downtime

Contributed by Cindy Fetters, Regional Sales Executive

Some of the most common challenges faced by industrial manufacturing businesses pertain to inventory control, supply chain management, fast-paced innovation, cost reduction, and operational productivity among others. The COVID-19 pandemic has added to these difficulties, which are compounded by the industry’s turbulent and uncertain environment. Industrial manufacturers are continuously on the lookout for solutions that can provide lasting value with a positive impact on production line, efficiency, and downtime. Industrial downtime not only has an impact on the plant’s productivity and output but it also leads to unprecedented hourly losses.

While there are several strategies related to the core operations that help industrial manufacturers to anticipate and reduce machine and operational downtime at their plant, it is also important to enlist the help of backend support functions to boost overall efficiency and productivity. As a result, a growing number of industrial manufacturing facilities seek to partner with an outsourced service provider for non-core operations, such as the janitorial and facilities maintenance requirements. Essentially, professional facilities maintenance services are designed with tailored integrated maintenance solutions with comprehensive objectives to achieve other than basic routine cleaning practices. A service provider with experience in the industrial sector and the capacity to deliver integrated services can not only ensure effective cleaning and maintenance protocols on a daily basis but they can also lead to quality results, year-on-year cost savings, positive customer experience, and most importantly reduced industrial downtime.

With a proactive facilities maintenance program in place, manufacturing facilities can also attain value-added goals of keeping the costs down for unexpected errors and downtime. A preventative approach for cleaning and maintaining industrial facilities requires careful planning and scheduling of protocols while gathering and recording essential information to avoid operational disruption and breakdown.

Diversified Maintenance is an integrated facilities maintenance partner for various types of both, heavy and light industrial facilities nationwide. With a screened, trained, and skilled on-ground team, dedicated account management, regular feedback and report generation, the Company delivers consistent quality and services with focus on supporting the goal of reducing industrial downtime. To learn more about preventative and proactive maintenance solutions for industrial facilities, send me a note at: Cindy Fetters