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Outsourced Janitorial Services for Enhanced Workplace Safety

Contributed by Christopher Payne, Regional Sales Executive

Professional janitorial services are sometimes associated with maintaining clean workplaces with a well-kept appearance. However, the benefits of professional deep cleaning also impact operational efficiency and employee productivity by improving the health and safety standards of the facility. In fact, the post-pandemic work world requires safe and healthy environment to ensure business continuity which can be achieved through the services of a professional, experienced, and established janitorial company. Although self-performing cleaning and maintenance is also an option, some of the most compelling reasons to partner with an outsourced service provider include cost efficiency in the long run, streamlined daily protocols, consistent service quality, and convenience to manage with a single point of contact.

Essentially, professional janitorial service providers create a comprehensive program to include processes that achieve the desired levels of cleanliness within pre-determined budget. As a long-term partner, these service providers also ensure routine monitoring and inspection procedures to measure cleaning efficacy while also measuring inspection results to determine areas of improvement, and ultimately resulting in a clean, healthy, and safe indoor environment.

 “According to the 2021 CMM In-House/Facility Management Benchmarking Survey, more than 90% of facilities posted new signage or visual cues to promote hand hygiene or social distancing, 81% installed partitions or barrier shields, and 72% set up touchless hand sanitizer stations. In addition, 69% made disposable wipe dispensers/stations available and 63% instituted temperature screening/scanners in their facilities.” – ISSA (leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide)

As businesses are navigating the ‘new normal’ workplace standards and requirements, they are introducing various new health and safety measures to their daily routine. These stringent methods can become more effective when paired with a rigorous and frequent cleaning and disinfecting program. Now more than ever, all businesses hold the responsibility to create and maintain a risk-free and safe work environment for all their employees, customers, and guests or visitors at the facility. By partnering with a professional janitorial service provider, the cleaning process and regulatory compliance are well-aligned without compromising on the quality of cleaning service delivery.

Not only has Diversified Maintenance enhanced its standard cleaning practices, but has also introduced robust disinfecting and sanitizing programs to limit the exposure to a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful germs present in shared workspaces. To learn more about the significance of hiring a janitorial service provider to establish and implement a tailored cleaning and disinfecting program with focus on workplace safety, send me a note at: Chris Payne