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‘New Normal’ Office Environment: Rely on Professional Facilities Maintenance Partner for a Functional Re-Entry Plan

Contributed by Darren Theodore, Regional Sales Executive

All businesses implement cleaning and maintenance procedures – they may vary in numerous ways but they are carried out to some extent or the other at every facility. However, the coronavirus outbreak not only brought unanticipated challenges, it also brought some necessary and possibly permanent changes in business operations and their cleaning programs. One of the most prominent changes after the pandemic is the way disinfecting has progressed from being an optional protocol into a standardized daily procedure for businesses in all industries. As a result, offices and headquarters are facing new challenges with new perceptions about workplace safety.

Corporate offices of all types and sizes require both deep cleaning and disinfecting as standardized procedures performed at a much higher frequency than the cleaning schedules practiced before the pandemic. The ‘new normal’ office environment also requires new goals to be accomplished, such as infection prevention and control, employee health and safety, compliance with new health and safety guidelines, and so on. While a significant number of businesses have resumed operations after coming to a halt during the initial phases of the pandemic, the situation still continues to be challenging, risky, and unpredictable. Implementing new SOPs in offices has become necessary to ensure that the employees and other visitors remain safe and free from the potential risks of contracting viral infections. After having experienced the difficulties of several unprecedented challenges due to the pandemic, businesses are looking to re-enter the market with refined strategies for recovery, continuity, and employee reintegration. Among these strategies is the appointment of a professional facilities maintenance company for its essential services for office cleaning and disinfecting to eliminate threats of possible exposure to the novel coronavirus.

An accomplished facilities maintenance partner can not only ensure offices are able to resume their operations as before but also continue to seamlessly enforce safe and recommended procedures in the ‘new normal’ work environment. The reason behind the success of working with a professional and competent cleaning and maintenance service provider is that in-house protocols are highly likely to be insufficient that can result in unsafe but avoidable hazards for employees and other visitors. At the same time, a professional partner also works with a clear understanding of what the ‘new normal’ office requirements are, irrespective of the scale, scope, and industry. A team of trained and skilled personnel also understands the difference between each of the key procedures: Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting. It is therefore important to choose a partner that was able to continue uninterrupted service delivery as an essential service throughout the pandemic, and also has the capacity to cater to increased workload for office cleaning and disinfecting, respond proactively to the required changes in employee training programs, and re-evaluate the schedules.


Diversified Maintenance works with a dedicated Environmental Health & Safety team to implement adequate and advance training on cleaning and maintaining offices in the safest and most effective way for the on-ground team as well as for the people present at the facility during and after service delivery. To achieve the desired objectives of your business re-entry plan and to learn more the enhanced cleaning and disinfecting solutions for offices, send me a note at: Darren Theodore