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Managing Expectations: What Your Customers and Staff Expect When You Reopen Your Branches

Contributed by Sheryl Perlstein, Client Relations Executive

Despite the convenience and popularity for online banking, it continues to be necessary for bank branches to remain operational for many reasons. However, the coronavirus pandemic made it inevitable for bank branches to undergo temporary closure and subsequently switch to alternative operating modes such as reduced working hours, drive-through services, appointment-based solutions, etc. While these measures were helpful during the peak of the outbreak, many businesses, including banks have now re-opened. Essentially, banks must revisit their processes, service delivery, safety protocols, and of course, their cleaning and disinfecting practices to ensure the health and well-being of employees and customers.

All banks and financial institutions along with their janitorial and sanitation partners are taking important guidelines from leading health experts, public health agencies, and government bodies into consideration. However, before developing a new framework, it is also crucial that they address the prominent concerns of customers and employees. Not only do these developing concerns provide key insight into the core expectations the stakeholders have from a financial institution, they also act as a driving direction for implementing a business continuity strategy in the ‘new normal’ environment. Some of the assurances that most bank employees and customers are expecting include:

Technological Assistance at Entrance and Exit

Both entering and exiting the branch should have a touch-free experience to mitigate the risk of infection transmission. Similarly, handheld temperature recording instruments for all employees should be used from a safe distance.

Transactions and Physical Interactions

Employees and customers for every bank will expect substantial changes in service delivery methods at the branch. All in-person services will require the use of technologies and innovative practices to ensure successful social distancing.

Public Health Regulations

One of the most daunting aspects of the coronavirus pandemic was the way it evolved over weeks and months. With high levels of uncertainty about the risks and the long-term health impact of COVID-19, it has become critical that all bank branches reopen after a thorough assessment of compliance with health and safety recommendations and regulations.

Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting Schedule

While cleaning was always important in the pre-pandemic days, it has become even more crucial because it must now always be combined with effective disinfecting of all surfaces and areas. At the same time, bank branches have numerous high-touch points that must be cleaned and disinfected frequently during the day. These are stringent and critical demands that only a highly capable and trained team of cleaning crew can meet. Finally, it is important that the bank staff be aware of the steps that are being taken to keep them and customers safe. Sharing the disinfecting procedures and schedule with employees will assure them that steps are being taken for their safety, and the employees can then assure customers by sharing that information with them.

Diversified Maintenance has an extensive list of customers in the financial sector. With years of relevant industry experience along with the company’s proactive steps during the pandemic, the on-site team members are consistently delivering cleaning and disinfecting services to protect the health of all bank employees and customers. The branch cleaning protocols have been redesigned to ensure that all high traffic areas are transformed into low-risk zones, all areas where employees are present remain safe for them at all times, and the entire customer experience from the entrance to exit involves safely disinfected spaces to keep them safe from any potential health hazards or infection transmission.


Written by: Sheryl Perlstein, Client Relations Executive at Diversified Maintenance.