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The Impact of Employee Incentives on Facilities Maintenance Companies

Contributed by Dave Saeltzer, Regional Sales Executive

Incentive plans are designed to recognize and reward the success of individual employees. However, the impact of incentivizing performance goes beyond individual levels as it creates a spectacular work culture with highly engaged workforce. Incentives encourage employees to go the extra mile and participate in ways that can help a business improve and grow. While incentives help all businesses thrive, they are particularly meaningful for service companies such as facilities maintenance providers.

Facilities maintenance companies require a robust employee incentive program because their team members have crucial tasks to perform and leaving them feeling underappreciated can result in inadequate performance with adverse effects for all customers. As the employees often perform the same routine tasks on a daily basis, it is likely for them to feel the requirements are mundane when, in fact, facilities maintenance services are demanding that require a diverse range of skills and expertise such as attention to detail and consistency.  A well-developed incentive plan boosts employee morale and the combination of monetary and non-monetary benefits creates a balanced and cohesive approach to recognizing different types of employee achievements.

Facilities maintenance companies, that incentivize their employees, are able to:

  • Set clearly defined goals that lead to relevant incentives upon completion
  • Compensate high performers and enable them to utilize opportunities of growth and development in the company
  • Motivate employees to continually improve their work quality and standards
  • Make employees feel respected and that their efforts are being duly acknowledged by their company


Diversified Maintenance has created a system of incentives with several types of compensation and rewards for its hardworking team members. The incentive program includes both monetary and non-monetary benefits such as:

  • Bravo Award for demonstrating integrity, resourcefulness, and dependability in the workplace
  • Achievement Award for outstanding accomplishments and contributions
  • Alone & Together for outstanding team work
  • Way to Go for receiving client acknowledgement for exceptional service
  • And more

To learn more about employee incentives as well as the training and development initiatives that create our goal-focused and high-performance teams, send me a note at: Dave Saeltzer