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New Business Rollout: Seamless Transition to a New Facilities Maintenance Service Provider

Contributed by the Diversified Maintenance Client Relations Team

The experience of entering a new service contract for integrated facilities maintenance solutions is determined by the selected service provider’s transition phase. If the service provider is not prepared with a transition plan prior to project start-up, it is likely to result in the customer’s loss of valuable time, resources, and money. On the contrary, a company that operates with a customer-centric approach and creates a detailed transition strategy can make it possible to prevent possible transition mishaps such as poor performance from the current service provider or an unpleasant experience for company’s staff and customers.

As unlikely as it may seem, the transition phase requires an extensive time period to complete its multiple milestones. The most effective method adopted by successful facilities maintenance companies is by building a dedicated team to evaluate the new customer contract and allocate at least 30 days for transition before starting the new project. At the same time, the key elements in the transition plan must include:

  • Thorough review and analysis of customer facility and scope of work
  • Understand each service specification, layout of the customer facility, and requirements to manage service delivery
  • Devise a well-timed and effective recruitment process to create a team to best fit the customer requirements
  • Commence employee training and development to ensure each customer’s unique maintenance program is delivered impeccably
  • Make necessary arrangement to select suppliers for prompt delivery of supplies and equipment

One of the primary goals to implement a step-by-step transition plan over the course of more than 30 days is not to gain an understanding of the services to be delivered, but it should assess and understand the service delivery and quality standards that the new customer is expecting. As a result, the new business rollout is not only seamless, but also helps the customer to trust the selected facilities maintenance partner and start developing strong partner relations from the beginning of the project.

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