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Need of the Hour: Understanding and Implementing the Benefits of Innovation and Automation in Outsourced Facility Maintenance and Sanitation Processes

Automation in cleaning and facility maintenance optimizes processes and cuts expenses. However, many service providers are hesitant to add latest autonomous technologies to their portfolio, largely due to lack of understanding it’s productivity in their environment. As much as automation in cleaning and maintenance tasks impacts efficiency and productivity, it is not feasible or even possible to have all the tasks performed in an entirely autonomous way. An effective approach by professional facility maintenance service providers is to strike the right balance between the use of autonomous technology and manpower that adds value for customers while reducing costs as well as their dependence on labor force.

While some facility maintenance service companies are unwilling and also unprepared to adapt innovation in day-to-day cleaning operations, Diversified Maintenance understands the pace that today’s businesses are moving at. As one of the leaders in introducing several autonomous cleaning technologies to customers that are designed to operate independently with little to no dependence on labor, Diversified Maintenance delivers integrated facility maintenance services through a team of highly trained personnel along with a range of autonomous cleaning technologies to provide all-encompassing benefits to customers including reliability, productivity, cost-efficiency, agility, and reduced dependence on the labor force. Some of these innovations offered include:

  • Automated floor cleaning machines for commercial facilities
  • Automated disinfection and sterilization machines
  • Autonomous floor scrubbing technology
  • Commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners

In today’s era of labor shortage, routine cleaning tasks are promptly and effectively completed through the use of innovative technology. It also lessens the reliance on a larger number of personnel while providing cost savings to customers because a larger space is cleaned and maintained swiftly without recruiting, training, and retaining a large workforce. To learn more on crafting a custom plan incorporating autonomous cleaning technologies, send a note to: