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How Professional Facility Maintenance Services Can Add Value Beyond Daily Tasks

Contributed by Cheryl Costello, National Sales Executive

A facility maintenance program designed by an experienced service provider essentially has a broad scope that is often difficult to define briefly. It entails a wide set of responsibilities and the service provider’s role goes far beyond just cleaning and maintaining activities. The upkeep of a customer’s business facility includes various different cleaning and maintenance protocols to be performed on a daily basis, but a customer-centric approach by the service provider ensures high standards of customer service and delivers value adding benefits beyond successful execution of daily tasks.

Cost Control

The most important elements of a facility maintenance program that caters to customer’s cost efficiency requirements include optimized use of resources, predictive maintenance, proactive problem resolution, and the effective use of autonomous technology.

Safety Measures and Standards

Employee safety training modules are critical to the success of a long-term beneficial relationship with customers. Not only do the safety measures and standards ensure effective operations by the on-ground staff, but also enable customers to maintain a healthy and safe workplace at all times. Similarly, the safety standards improve compliance with workplace safety regulations.

Partnering with Customers to Achieve Desired Objectives

The key to success for an outsourced facility maintenance program is the importance given to customer’s perspective, expectations, and objectives. While some companies focus on resolving major issues in time, other experienced service providers prioritize working as a partner and not an external vendor by focusing on micro problem solving as well. As a result, the service providers deliver services according to each individual customer’s requirements and goals.

Diversified Maintenance believes in designing programs that can optimize the workplace for its customers, while supporting their businesses in all aspects related to the overall facility maintenance requirements. Although considered to be backend activities, the Company’s competencies are aimed to provide customers a steady foundation for success in their core operations. As a result, the long term benefits of each tailored program go beyond the day-to-day mundane tasks and deliver a host of other benefits including cost efficiency, regulatory compliance, quality assurance practices, better business efficiencies, among others. To learn more about the benefits of outsourcing your cleaning and maintenance function, send me a note at: Cheryl Costello