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Is Your Janitorial Partner Keeping Your Workplace Safe for Your Employees

Contributed by Jesse Conrad, Sales Executive

Undoubtedly, the recent months have been both, optimistic with the businesses re-opening after the pandemic-driven shutdown as well as challenging with the new health and safety regulations for workplaces. All businesses that have gradually re-opened their offices for their employees are required to ensure effective and more frequent deep cleaning along with numerous other modifications in their usual cleaning and facilities maintenance protocols. Consequently, a large number of corporate headquarters and offices are relying on expert facilities maintenance service providers. While there are various benefits of outsourcing the cleaning and maintenance functions to a professional company, it is important to evaluate the team performance in order to ensure that the maintenance program produces consistent and effective outcomes.

Earlier in the year when their customers were planning to resume operations, many facilities maintenance service providers played a vital role in preparing their offices to re-open for employees. The service providers assessed the office conditions and designed comprehensive programs to deep clean and disinfect thoroughly. While this preliminary program was necessary for all headquarters and offices, it is equally essential to revamp the day-to-day cleaning and maintenance operations after the employees have returned to work.

Businesses must notice whether or not their facilities maintenance partner has revised the services and frequencies according to the ‘new normal’ protocols. At the same time, it is also important to observe the service provider’s performance in the following areas for an office cleaning and maintenance program:

Shared Spaces – Most offices have changed their layouts to reduce the number of employees present in close proximity to one another and maintain social distancing at workplaces. However, offices continue to have some common areas that require the cleaning staff to pay close attention on a daily basis. These shared spaces must not only be cleaned thoroughly but also routinely disinfected to ensure there are no risks of infection and virus transmission.

Equipment and Products – A sound facilities maintenance program with quality results greatly depends on the use of appropriate and good quality cleaning and disinfecting products along with the safety of the on-ground staff through the use of PPE and other relevant tools. Facilities maintenance partners should maintain transparent communications with their customers and keep them informed with the details of all tools, products, and equipment used at their offices.

High Traffic Spaces & High Touch Surfaces – Most cleaning and maintenance companies understand the significance of thoroughly cleaning high-touch surfaces and busy areas within offices. However, the service providers that genuinely succeed at meeting the safety standards are the ones that evaluate the workspace to identify all high traffic and high touch spots and then design a program with daily cleaning and disinfecting practices to ensure maximum possible hygiene and safety.

Diversified Maintenance understands the cleaning and disinfecting requirements for corporate headquarters and offices of all types and sizes. The Company’s topnotch cleaning and disinfecting programs not only include services that impact the appearance of these facilities, but also ensures compliance with all new regulations for creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all customers. To learn more about a comprehensive program for each business day to be clean, healthy, and safe day for your office employees, send me a note at: Jesse Conrad