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How Our Two-Tiered Customer Care System Helps Your Business

Ensuring your client’s satisfaction depends on how well you manage their relationship with your company. This is why Diversified Maintenance has incorporated a two-tiered Customer Care System within the organization’s account management framework. Customers are given support via our highly qualified team of Field Managers and are also able to connect with trained representatives at our 24/7 Field Help Desk.

This structure is offered to clients in combination with a dedicated Corporate Account Manager whose main responsibility revolves around service management. Both tiers work hand-in-hand to help resolve service issues as well as ensure quality control. Together, they do their best to identify and address client concerns within the first 30 minutes of an initial report.

The first tier relates to Corporate Operations, where Diversified’s Field Help Desk is available around the clock to cater to the needs of clients. Its main job is to provide on-site assistance to Field Managers so that they can take care of any issues related to attendance, scheduling, etc.

The second tier is associated with the Field Management team. Highly trained and qualified Field Managers make sure that they are available on-site to tackle any matters related to the service being delivered. This may involve maintaining the level of quality the work that is being performed as well as identifying and addressing possible gaps in training of the crew. In addition, the Field Manager works with the customer to help establish brand standards so that client expectations are clearly defined. By being present on-site, the Field Manager is also able to put the client’s mind at ease as well as provide answers to questions regarding service delivery.

By employing this approach, Diversified is able to cover all angles related to service delivery as well as contain issues as and when they arise. This ensures less delays in productivity along with the completion of service within the given period of time. Furthermore, this strategy helps to strengthen relationships with customers as measures are taken to meet client expectations as much as possible.