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Diversified Launches TEAMS – An All-Inclusive Training and Development Program

Diversified Maintenance has launched a new online training program “Tools that Enhance and help All Managers be Successful” – TEAMS. The Company’s executive leadership initiated the program’s planning in late 2017 with the goal to cultivate and develop managers’ skills and abilities in a way that ensures optimal performance, ultimately resulting in increased organizational efficiency and workplace compliance.

TEAMS is a multi-phase program that provides progressive training to managers from the point of orientation to the level of division manager. One of the things that makes this program user-friendly is that it offers an online learning portal with the added benefits of self-paced classes. In addition, the platform contains an extensive library of company department resources for managers to utilize during their learning process.

“In today’s fast-paced world, it has become necessary for companies to adopt new and innovative methods that will help them stay ahead of their competitors,” says Kelly Devin, Vice President for Corporate Operations at Diversified Maintenance. “The framework on which TEAMS is based helps eliminate many obstacles normally associated with training/learning programs, such as time and cost. It aims to give managers total flexibility to learn new concepts and develop new skills, all at their own pace. With relevant guidance in the form of valuable industry knowledge provided by the program’s qualified instructors, managers will be able to speed up their career progression in a timely and cost-efficient way. We designed TEAMS to ensure the managers can be successful in a very demanding job.”

Diversified Maintenance has always prided itself as one of the few organizations that strive towards cultivating the skills of its workforce and creating an environment that is geared towards learning. Through this program, the company aims to help managers adopt the fundamental skills needed to not only become better at their chosen roles within the workplace but also grow in their professional careers.

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